Out of stainless steel. Just because.

First, although it is a phone (Galaxy S3) it isn’t actually used as a phone. This is an old phone that is no longer on our mobile plan that I use for 1) a GPS speedometer/odometer and 2) a display for my radar detector. In the past, I’ve let it rest next to the gearshift on a piece of non-skid shelf liner for RV’s. However, the console isn’t flat, and it has always been a bit awkward to keep the phone there. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any commercial phone holders that I liked, so I decided to make my own to fit the car.

It’s nothing fancy, just a little shelf to hold a phone in place. The top has a slight bend in it, and fits into a small gap between a couple of interior panels. The back has a couple of tabs to help hold the phone in place, with a gap in between for the power cord. A piece of the aforementioned non-skid shelf liner was cut to the size of the holder, and the phone rests on it. A small piece of liner is used under the holder to protect the console from scratches.

The above picture shows the conglomeration in place next to the gearshift.

Nothing fancy, but it is another item needed to get the car ready for this year’s trips...