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I made a thing work

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While not specifically within my job description at the flood commission, it has become clear that I’m going to be the keeper of vehicles and things with motors on the side of my technical job. I’m happy to do this, as it gives me reason to play in the shop some, without having to do it all the time like back in my professional wrench turning days.


This old quad has been ridden hard and put away wet, some time ago. Some new trailer lights, a little carb cleaner, some fresh gas and a new battery later, it is a useful thing again. It doesn’t run great, but it does run well enough once warmed up. I’ll probably get it over to a power sports place in town we have a contract with and have them give it a full going over, service and tune up. It will also give me a chance to drop the trailer off at fleet and have them repack the bearings since no one knows the last time it was done (possibly not since 2006 when it was purchased).

If you all can’t tell, I’m really enjoying the new job. I’m learning all sorts of new stuff, and it uses a bunch of skills from various jobs I’ve had in the past. I also like the bigger sandbox to play in, and I enjoy engaging in moderate off-roading to access remote sites on a regular basis. The software and database stuff ties in nicely to some of my previous work in the library world, the radio telemetry stuff marks the only time I’ve used my old field radio operator knowledge from my Marine Corps days outside of playing secret squirrel with them, and the shop stuff and electrical troubleshooting of equipment ties in to my old hydraulic mechanic days. I’m a happy camper here.

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