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I made a video about that vintage toy. . . [repost for the afternoon crowd]

. . . but my stupid clumsy unsteady hands nearly ruined it. Before you make any judgement, watch this minute and thirty second long clip.


The sound is not important here, but the music gets more interesting towards the end.

See! Sure I knocked out that video in about 30 minutes and edited it in 10, but most of the time was spent trying to make my hands not shake the camera to pieces. I imagine that using a cheap old phone camera was not conducive to good video quality either. I think it was pretty solid under all that compression and shaking.


I found out via a comment by awesomeaustinv that the toy’s NON-STOP advertising means the caster wheel will turn in place when the truck hits something, eventually propelling it in a different direction. He showed me a video that demonstrates the concept. Also, my research indicated the headlights and taillights function, though it does not take modern sized batteries. I feel like a fool because I thought C batteries were D batteries. I have no Ds though.

At least I had fun with the moving shots. Tell me what you think.

Made by request of A Boy and His Longtail. Thanks for the idea. Does someone want to share this to LalD?

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