Image stolen for the google. Pretty close to what I’ve been looking at though.

For about the last two years I have been saving up to buy a land/ a shop. I live in an old neighborhood near downtown and while I have a lot more space for cars than most, I feel the need to expand. Also I want a lift. Or two.

So all that was going pretty well… until a tree fell on my garage. This both accelerated and put the brakes on the plans. On the one hand, I needed space urgently to store cars while the garage was getting sorted. On the other, there was a lot of financial uncertainty with a ruined, under-insured garage.


In the end, I came out pretty OK with only a few grand of un-covered expenses, so I thought I would proceed as planned.

Until yesterday. Faced with three ailing cars (Saab, Disco, and Alfa) I decided to, temporarily, pull the plug on my savings plan in favor of diverting funds to clean up the lengthy to-do list with the cars. Odd that my hobby is getting in the way of itself.

I haven’t contacted the realtor yet, but right now the plan is to hold until May of next year, when I should get a tidy payout from my employer’s IPO.

Bummer, but I’d rather not have to skimp on maintenance right now…