spray can color match 10/10

Yesterday I had nothing to do to the jag so I turned my attention to the alfa namely, the previously fixed front end damage it sustained sometime in the 80's. Funny enough I started working on this dent back in 2016 but stopped do to equipment and knowledge constraints, also laziness, mainly that part.

So after grinding way my previous body filler that I wasn’t too thrilled with I was left with this.


For reference this is what it looked like back in 2016 when I peeled back the 30 year old filler.

Lots of waves and numerous holes from what I assume was a non-weld style slide hammer repair job. Obviously I welded all the holes up and proceeded to beat the metal into submission with my small set of body hammers, which also happened to be the same time I realized that I should of shaped the metal before welding the holes up because while 40 year old Italian sheetmetal may bend very easily, properly done spot welds do not. So I just kind of slapped some bondo on it and let it sit for 3 years.


which brings us back to the present day.


After a bit more metal shaping and a tad bit more grinding the welds down I was able to slap some of the left over filler I used on the jag’s hood scoop onto the car. The process went about the same, fiberglass filler to level it out and regular filler just to fill in any leftover imperfections. Is it perfect? No, but it’s good enough to where I’m happy with it and considering what I use this car for I’m more confident I’ll twist the unibody before it get’s any kind of decent paint on it lol.

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