At the beginning of August I finally pulled the Niva’s transmission to replace the input shaft seal that failed at the end of January. I make slow progress sometimes.

I think I got the seal into the trans maybe in mid-September. I’ve also been doing some other stuff, with the goal of passing an Alberta out-of-province inspection so I can register it here. That other stuff includes new headlight and taillight lenses, new ball joints on the driver’s side, new shocks all around, a new blower motor, and new heater controls. Oh, and a new super motor too. And I’m probably forgetting some stuff. Like the vent-window latch. Maybe that’s it. Maybe.


I also decided to weld up the somewhat crude exhaust system I assembled in a side-of-the-road sorta situation. I had it clamped, but I’m hoping by welding it I’ll be cutting down on the volume some, as there were inevitably a few small leaks at the connections.

I won’t pretend I’m a superb welder, and I only have a cheap flux-core welder, but I’d say that’ll get the job done. I also moved the glasspack right to the end of the downpipe instead of chilling under the rear bumper. I think that should make a pretty big difference on the volume too. I frankly don’t expect the glasspack-only exhaust to pass the inspection hence, but then it is Alberta and trucks will pass that way so why not a Niva? But this has mostly just been a playing-with-the-welder exercise.


It’s not quite done yet, but getting there. Ran out of flux-core wire.

I got through the pile of hardware on the bench from when I pulled the trans out, with only the tcase and driveshafts left to do underneath, and button up the interior, and put the front wheels back on. I need to change the engine oil too at some point. And I guess the exhaust needs to go back on too.


And I just got interrupted writing this post by some Mother Nature happening in my front yard. I’d heard the sounds of grazing elk outside my window but then some different noises. Grunts, and sounds almost like they were in distress. I got to the window just in time to watch the bull dismount. Right.


Once he was done this guy got some serious munchies.

Goodnight, Oppo.

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