For the past three years, my grandpa has kept his small boat at my house. It’s heavy to move around on my own, so I decided to make a small boat trailer for it.

It’s not finished yet, it still needs wheels and more planks of wood to strengthen the weak spots, preferably vertically and horizontally, but I’m still impressed with myself. Sure, it’s not the prettiest, but it should get the job done.

Humorously, I think I spent a total of $10 on this project. One of my neighbors gave me the wood, it’s from dissembled palettes. I only bought the wood screws. For the future wheels, I was going to steal them from a push mower ( I have a few laying around), give it some lift and ground clearance too. In the end, I just want a way to move this around the yard when I need to.

I also designed the rear so that the back of the boat can lay against it, preventing itself from falling off. I’ll probably need to make a side to prevent it from swaying back and forth when I move it. And a handle in the front to grab, lift, and move it.


One problem I have around the house is that some things are too heavy to lift ( I have a bad shoulder), so I just create things out of necessity and to make things easier for me. Now I just got to dissemble the lawn mower...