The roundabout in the center is Insurgentes, top left (near the big park) is Bellas Artes, further up from there is the “zocalo”

Lower center are two sections of Chapultepec park, the three large buildings in it are, the Castle, the Anthropology Museum, and the National Auditorium. To the right of the auditorium the building complexes belong to the La Hormiga Ranch. The previous presidential residence. A bit further up is Parque Mexico, completely surrounded by Amsterdam Avenue. The smaller section is Parque España. Mid right is (if am not wrong) a huge medical complex. The big avenue staring at Chapultepec and ending on the top left of the map is Reforma.


National Geographic said Mexico City is the best place to visit in 2019. Which is interesting because I’d wager 90% of tourists to Mexico City want to stay inside the areas of the map I’m showing.