Looks better dirty. Rotated the tires yesterday and managed to get rid of a bad vibration at speed, then noticed the belt suddenly started squeaking and took a look and beheld a broken alternator bracket.

Oops. Split right on that aluminum ear because, as I found out, there was a bolt missing that has to be replaced after removing the smog pump, which I did not know, therefore did not replace so there was only one bolt holding the alternator on.

Fortunately I have friends so I zip tied the shit out of the alternator and drove to a buddy’s shop whereupon I tore into the Mustang trying to get as much done as I could before he arrived to weld the aluminum.


The remainder of the smog pump garbage went away. Simplify and add lightness,indeed.


I left these vacuum relays in place due to not knowing the electrical ramifications of removing them but the vacuum lines themselves are a source of a very small vacuum leak now so I’ll be replacing the existing vacuum manifold with a splitter to maintain the EGR and brake booster while getting rid of everything else.

The 3.8 is a lump but it’s a damned unkillable piece of junk.



Aaand all buttoned up. I also replaced the front shock mounts which completely transformed the way the car drives and took less than 15 minutes per side. No more creaking and groaning while braking, the car feels more like a car and less like a Conestoga wagon, it handles far nicer, and doesn’t rattle over bumps. 10000/10 would recommend.