My birthday present to you all! It’s on the 9th, but I’ll be in the vast internet-less expanse of the tall grass prairie... working.

(if you’re seeing this tonight, it’s a scheduled re-post, I’ll already be in the prairie)

For Dr. Zoidberg: his Celica!
For E92Matt - Dealership Stalker: an E92 M3
For FSI 1.598cc: a Golf Plus
For Peter Black, SV Wrangler, motorcycleprof, yearns for a yamaha: his yellow SV
For everyone (because I can’t find who requested it): an Audi Quattro (LWB)

I finished an MR2 Spyder too, but forgot to transfer it over.


-Matra Bagheera


-Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato

-Testarossa (light blue with pink side strakes)


-2004 Honda S2000

-11th gen F-150


-13 boss 302

-Mustang GT 350 R (grabber blue, black roof)

-Citroen DS (french flag)


-B6 Passat

-‘05 R53 Mini Cooper S (Blue)

-‘67 Ford Mustang Coupe (Blue)

-‘89 NA Porsche 944 (Black)

-‘13 981 Porsche Boxster S (White)

-mk1 Audi TT coupe (Red)

-1991 Prelude (white)

-Citroen Ami 6 Sedan

-Series 4 Alfa Romeo Spider

-Nissan Juke Nismo RS

Archive of past drawings:


The tenth installment should be special, I’m going to shoot for more substantially more cars. Also, something else may be up and running by then.

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