A Shelby Daytona: for everyone, because I can’t find who originally requested it.
For Van Man: an F40
For Ike: a FiST

I know about half of you drive FiSTs, if you want one in another color it’s an easy fix.

For Bloody DD’s a Land Rover, Ramblin, R Saldana, and others: a Series LR


-Saab 92

-Subaru 360



-VW Golf Plus

-E92 M3

-Audi Quattro



-Matra Bagheera

-’05 Mustang Conv

-MR2 Spyder (silver)


-’85 Celica liftback

-Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato

-Citroen HY van

-Testarossa (light blue with pink side strakes)


-2004 Honda S2000

-11th gen F-150


-13 boss 302

-Peter Black’s SVs (if he gets me a some photos)

-Ariel Atom or Nomad

-VW jetta GLI mk6 (red & grey)

-Mustang GT 350 R (grabber blue, black roof)

-Citroen DS (french flag)


And today’s vegetable, which isn’t a vegetable:

For Daily Drives a Dragon: a dragon.

Don’t see your request above? Sometimes requests get lost (the F40 in today’s post did), just remind me. I’m trying (and failing) to keep things equitable, so that everybody gets at least one.

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