GLIs, and Cobras, and $kaybait... Oh my. (evening repost)

For BvdV - The Dutch Engineer: a MkI GT40
Also for BvdV - The Dutch Engineer (oops): a 427 Cobra
For jkm7680: a grey Mk6 GLI
For PetarVN, GLI Guy, needs an M156: a red Mk6 GLI

This little Subie was a ton of fun to draw, I think it turned out really nicely.

For Berang: A Subaru 360
For S65: a 3000GT


-VW Golf Plus

-E92 M3

-Audi Quattro

-Matra Bagheera

-MR2 Spyder (silver)


-’85 Celica liftback

-Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato

-Testarossa (light blue with pink side strakes)


-2004 Honda S2000

-11th gen F-150


-13 boss 302

-Mustang GT 350 R (grabber blue, black roof)

-Citroen DS (french flag)


-B6 Passat

And last but not least...

For RallyDarkstrike: a Citroen HY van

Too many lines in that one.

Archive of past drawings:

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