I managed to get two tickets today...

Peugeot 402 because looking up cop memes made me have a sad

I haven’t got a moving violation in... :tries to do math: like 13 years? Managed to get one today and another ticket “while I was there”.

First one was... my fault. I got pulled over for having expired tags. Hey, when you have four vehicles I guess sometimes you just forget. Unfortunate, but true. Luckily the late fee was only $16 on the reg and I can get the ticket waived if I go to the courthouse.


The second one was... also my fault. I gassed it to make it past a glob of traffic and allegedly was clocked at 84 in a 65. That seems high, but in either case he wrote the ticket for 9 over, which is umm... likely. The Volvo has buckets of torque, even in 6th.

My only real butt hurt here is what are these warnings people speak of? I’m polite, curious, and respectful and every single time I’ve been pulled over I get a ticket.

I’ve been pulled over:

  1. 14 years ago - Going 55 in a 35. Totally just wasn’t paying attention. Ticket
  2. 13 years ago - Going like... 55 in a 50 zone? This one was a little meh. I got clocked from maybe a quarter mile away through a fence and he attested I was going some ludicrous speed. I think he just saw an easy mark (young kid, nice car) and made some shit up. Ticket.
  3. 1 year ago - Dealer forgot to put temp plates on the Disco and I didn’t think about it. Got pulled over in Utah and got a ticket for “improper display of plates” and officer dickbag stole the California plates off my car. Ticketed (and I don’t really care for Utah anymore).
  4. Today - As described.

Meanwhile I had a friend that were pulled over drunk with expired tags, licence, and no insurance. Got off with just getting picked up by his parents.


I had a frie- ok same friend literally get chased back to his house by a police helicopter and still not get a ticket.

(Sidenote: he has his shit together now...)

Doggo B (2 years ago) for your time.

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