For this particular truck:

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I mean, for an ‘02 with 168,000 miles, it seems high at $8,500. But it looks and sounds like a really solid, well-maintained truck. The plow was put on later in its life, supposedly, which seems plausible because the rest of the truck doesn’t reflect years of plowing. That, and an extended cab truck with a cap isn’t ideal for plowing either.

Beyond that, it’s not that exciting. BUT. I would love to have a truck that I could take the whole family in, for one. There are lots of times I’m cramming stuff into the back of the Volvo because I need to also take the kids to school - where a truck would just be better. And again, because it already has a plow on it, it would erase my desire for a shitty plow truck, or to put a plow on my ‘61 Ford, which isn’t the top of my list anyway.

I suppose it’s possible this truck is one winter’s salt away from being a rust bucket, but from the looks of it, I kinda doubt it. It looks just like a truck that a retired guy uses to tow his camper around in the summer - hence the mileage - but that didn’t get abused every day commuting to work in the salt.

I mean, it’s been listed for 10 days, so I guess people aren’t flooding the guy with good offers. Maybe no one wants a 17-year old plow truck for $8k? On the other hand, trucks really seem to hold their value well, because a 4-door pickup is the new Family Sedan, and in a rural area, it’s hard to beat having a 4-door pickup to do everything a family needs to do. I had a Suburban of this vintage years ago and it was very good to me. 


But I just sold my other car, and really don’t need another mouth to feed.


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