I may be doing this again soon

You see that hole in the timing cover right above the alternator? There’s normally a bolt there that threads into the head to help keep it tight. Well the halfway stripped threads in mine gave out and now the precious bolt is laying somewhere in a road. I tried tapping out to 5/8ths but that didn’t work as planned. So I’m thinking of just picking up a used head because I wanted to get it ported and put bigger valves in it (maybe) AND one of the studs for the one of the cam bearings is a bit stripped as well. Plus it needs to be resurfaced as well. So I figure by the time I get all that work done to the old one I could just buy an el-cheapo off the ‘webz.

I just want to clarify I didn’t do any of the stripping. It was like that when I got it.


I think.

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