I’m buying a truck. I wanted a Tundra, but can’t find one within 200 miles at a decent price. Those at the 200 mile mark the owners won’t respond to my messages. So, a great deal came up locally.

I don’t need a 2500. But its cheaper than 1500's with 2x the miles. I don’t want the EXTREMELY thirsty 6.0 but its the card Ive been dealt. I had been debating between trucks:

Tundra 05-06: perfect, but way overpriced.

F150, 04-06: awesome, but those damn cam phazers.

Ram 02-06: shitty interior and transmissions. But Hemi, yo

Silverado: amazing drivetrain, the rest is shit. And RUST.

right now it looks like an 04 Silverado 2500 LS 4x4 is my next toy. Maybe.

EDIT: while the seller and I were finalizing price, he had someone there to show it and sold it. Fucker didn’t tell me until it was gone. 👿