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It’ll be just a matter of time before the equinox has a major mechanical malfunction.

Aside from some transmission module that was a recall and changed under warranty this car has been trouble free for the most part of 197,700 miles. Which is great, but given my own maintenance history with this car I’m not sure of the future.


What I mean by that is I know when it’s been leaking oil, by when I add some between oil changes. The oil cap has had some milky substance on it before, but didn’t remain. Coolant has disappeared and I have added more to the system, which seems fine now. I always know when it’ll be time to add some when I take off from a hill or a light I hear the trickling down into the heater core from what I suppose. Add cool and and that is quiet. I was thinking my water pump failed when it was over heating but it was just low.

Things I have replaced include

the EGR valve and tube, bad initial tube design got a hole in it and I drove for quite a few miles leaking.

Most recently the catalytic converter, which I have a suspicion was caused by the missing coolant into the exhaust.

Sway bar end links up front, were causing a racket and are quiet with new ones.

Alternator and multiple battery’s over the course of ownership

Other various wear & Maintence items like brakes and spark plugs.

Overall it’s been a good car. And a good 4 person family car. But even so we have grown out of it and upgraded capacity to a minivan for family + luggage hauling.


Items on a list that’ll need replaced are suspension components like strut assemblies, rear springs and shocks to the tune of about $400-600 depending on brand and quality.

Tires, wiper blades, headlight restoration or replacement.

Until it gives up I’ll keep driving it and replacing things as needed. Anticipating the 200,000 mile roll over that should happen before the years end.


Had a couple hours at work waiting on some air tests, to let my mind wander.


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