Quick story and I will get to it. My girlfriends dad, notorious car hoarder, had a 1930 Bentley 6 1/2 litre when he met her mom, and through when she was a kid. He actually daily drove the thing until the late eighties, because he is crazy like that, then sold it for peanuts. I pumped him for pictures last time I was up there and he couldn't find a one, but her mom vouched for it, and she is looking for some pics too. Anyhow, I was up drinking beer with him and he said there may be another late 20's-early 30's Bentley a few towns south in RUNNING AND DRIVING CONDITION for somewhere around 5-6 grand from some old codger who keeps it in his barn that he wants to buy so he can drive around in one again. He called me last night and said it is there. It isn't advertised, and isn't going anywhere. I am going to go check it out when I am up for Christmas. I am pretty excited to take a million pictures and just generally hang out with the thing. But if I do such a thing and make that kind of a barn find, can the interwebs handle it? I have no idea of the model, no idea of the condition besides it runs and moves under its own power, and is pretty solid. So it could look like his model A, but I don't think I care. And the other question, is almost any pre war Bentley that moves under it's own power worth 5 large? I would imagine so