My continued quest to replace my '99 Grand Cherokee with something newer that needs less work may finally be coming to a close. I found this '05 Grand Cherokee Limited with the Hemi and Quadra-Drive II at a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram dealer in a small town about 50 miles away.

I like the color combo—the dark green metallic paint minimizes some of the goofier looking details of the WK design, which I'm not really a fan of. Also the interior is this two-tone tan & grey deal which helps to minimize the Playskool plastic looks of it (particularly bad in ones with the all-grey interior).


It's got the right option mix in the Hemi and Quadra-Drive, and heated seats to keep my ass warm in Wisconsin winters, especially when it's been parked outside at my office all day. No navigation or rear-seat DVD—both of which I want to avoid because I hate old navigation systems and I don't have any kids who would watch the DVD in the back, and the hump in the ceiling where the screen flips down blocks the rearview mirror.

It's got 114k miles on it, and they're asking $10,490. I'm looking to pay more like $9k.

Really the only thing that's not the greatest about it is it has Goodyear Fortera HL all-season truck tires on it which kinda suck in general and particularly in the snow. I'll most likely junk them for some proper all-terrain tires. Maybe the new Cooper Discoverer A/TW which is a winter-biased all-terrain tire that has the mountain/snowflake symbol for "severe snow conditions." The stock tire size is 245/65-17 and the closest size the A/TWs come in is 245/70-17 but I don't think going up to the slightly larger diameter is a big deal.