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I May Have Decoded The Challenger Demon Hints

Watching and waiting for this car’s details to roll out has been excruciating, hasn’t it? A hint here, a cryptic license plate there... Come down the rabbit hole with me for a second, as I might have cracked this engine enigma.

The first big hint about what this car’s potentially massive power plant (more on this in a bit) can put out is the license plate in the picture above. “#2576@35"?! Is someone smoking crack in FCA’s Marketing Department?! I say “NAY”! That first symbol is not a hashtag for Twitter buzz, but actually a pound sign (what us “olds” used to call it). “2576" is a bit tougher, but if you add the first two numbers together and combine it with the third and fourth number, you get “776". “@35" I am assuming is “at 3,500 RPM”. That gets me to “776 POUND (like that hashtag thingy indicates) foot of torque @ 3,500 RPM”.


But doesn’t that seem like an extremely low RPM for peak torque? The only kind of IC engine that would produce this kind of power so low in the RPM band is a REALLY big engine.

And then this hint dropped today:

What does this mean? Does it mean anything? A serial number “0757"? Is that horsepower?

I don’t believe it’s horsepower. I believe, instead, it’s the engine’s DISPLACEMENT. I believe that this car has a 7.57 Liter, 462 cubic inch V8 in it.


In 2012, Dodge teased a Charger “Redline” concept car with a modern 426 Hemi engine at the NAIAS. Neat, huh? Wanna see the power band on an Allpar 426 crate engine?


That peak torque comes pretty quick, doesn’t it? Make arrangements to stuff a bit more displacement into it and add, oh, maybe, a supercharger onto it, and what do you get? Maybe 776 lb feet of torque peaking at 3,500 RPM?!?!?!


The Hellcat 6.2 Liter V8 produces peak torque (650 lb-ft) at 6,000 RPM. A 7.0 Liter 426 Hemi crate engine maxes out torque at around 4,000 RPM. Make a 7.57 Liter Hemi V8 by stroking/boring (just a little bit of bore, as there are already kits to stroke a 6.4 Liter to 440 cubic inches) another engine out, and you have peak torque lower than the 426 Hemi.


What say you, internet? Have I gone insane, or am I onto something here?

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