While browsing over an article on the new Octavia RS, I came upon a few details that surprised me. One of them is the price, € 30K (petrol/diesel/hatch/wagon are all within a few hundred € of each other) seems quite fair. But remember, this is a VAG product and the Germans have perfected the art of bending you over for optional extras, so be careful! Not this time! It comes with HIDs, heated seats and mirrors, hill-holder, some acronym for some diff-lock system or other, A/C, cruise... pretty much everything short of a sat-nav system.

I'm not going to sell my Honda soon, at not even 120k Kms it's barely broken in. Yet having graduated university a year and a half ago, doesn't help me getting some funny ideas in my head.

And a 2.0l turbo petrol (The diesel is slower and I don't drive that much to really make a diesel break even) manual wagon with 220 horsies, good enough for a 0-62 mph time of 6.8 seconds, and a top speed of 154 mph does sound like fun. I like the Octavia, its almost an A4 for smart people. You basically get the same car, they just go the extra mile to make the interiour less pleasing. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to tell Audi buyers why they have to pay such a premium for their cars.

And then I started to do some maths. At 30K new, a 3 Y/O, one owner car will be 15-20K, a 5 year old car will probably start at 10, or maybe even less. I could totally see myself getting one of them in 3-5 years.


Or maybe a blue one?