I may want an AMG, but I haven't lost it, yet

No, I’m not buying a C63 AMG with 126k miles on and an illuminated check engine light. Even if it is only a mere 17k.


I featured this car on unnecessary car shopping in early July, and considering it was still available in mid-August, I figured I should go look at it. So, that’s what I did.

Despite having almost tripe the miles than the M3, it didn’t appear to be in terrible shape. The interior was showing its age, but then these early W204 were notorious for poor interior quality. Likewise, in the face of the CEL, it seemed to drive fine. Head bolts also appeared to be new. It pulled just fine and sounded every bit as glorious. However, I don’t really have the extra cash to spend on something like this, so looks like an AMG isn’t in my future anytime soon. 

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