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I mended a thing!!!

This morning the Widowmaker started making an awful pinging noise as I pulled into my work parking lot. I feared the worst in that my accidental burnout killed the engine...

On the way home, I noticed that the pinging wasn’t really in sync with the engine, so it couldn’t have been the engine, right? Sure enough, as I was rolling into my neighbourhood I noticed a cable shaking against the forks sorta kinda in sync with the throttle.

When I pulled into my parking space and shut down the engine, the culprit was immediately visible:


Hello tach cable, what are you doing all loose? It was still connected to the engine by...hopes and wishes, I guess?

As it turns out, the tach cable is too short to be cleanly routed through the forks and allow full movement of the forks. It must have been pulled out when I pulled a U-Turn leaving my condo parking lot this morning.

Welp, a quick re-routing and tightening back onto the engine put me back on the road without pinging.

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