I mended a thing! (Or...sometimes it's the little victories)

Lotus 340R for your time.

After what seems like an endless stream of setbacks on various projects, I finally replaced the old burnt out halogen stairwell sconce with a schnazzy LED job. Home Depot doesn’t carry the integrated LED strip lights, so I had to order it. I also had to drill in to the mounting bracket because it wasn’t made for the little round electrical box that is there. And I need to make a blank plate.


But it works, and even without the blank, I think it looks better than the old one.

Somehow, I feel better about my life after what, in the grand scheme, is merely a small success in a string of things that have gone (semi) wrong lately. First it was the new head unit for my car, which was my birthday/christmas gift. Turns out it needs a $100 interface to talk to the JBL amp, and there’s not really a workaround, other than maybe buying a $30 amp bypass.

Fought with my wife. Launched a little estes rocket with the monkeys. Lost said rocket. Can’t figure out the correct frequency for the PWM for the server fan. Can’t figure out why the silly driver for my promethean board (on my Linux desktop) won’t work. To be fair, a lot of this is self inflicted. I tend to take on projects that I think are interesting, which tends to mean they’re not things that are super well documented. Except the head unit: that’s just bad luck.

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