Yes, my new 15 year old Civic is very immaculate, but 15 years of tropical climate can have its effect on plastics. Today, the brake lights decided to stay on even with the ignition off and doors locked. So as a contemporary teenager, I decided to rapidly browse the internet for solutions. Didn't take long to find out why.

Turns out this eventually becomes a common problem for Hondas because the brake lights work in a funny way. A rubber stopper on the brake pedal arm pushes a switch whenever the brake pedal is not being pressed, switching off the brake lights and vice versa when the pedal is pressed. Although made from tough ABS plastic, they do tend to break over time.

These are the remains of the stopper in my Civic.


And as you can see, the button is not being pressed.

Solution: stick one of these little door bumper cushions onto the arm.


Hey presto, brake lights are off!

First proper thing I've ever mended on a car. Today the brake lights, tomorrow...