My third new battery was the charm - The Nighthawk 650, a.k.a. #ManlyManBike to my friends, lives. I didn’t go out on the street today, just idled it for about 10 minutes once I finally got the motor spinning and let the engine, gas, and oil come back to life after winter storage. Sta-bil did its job, I’m glad to say. I rode it in my neighbor’s small parking lot for a bit to warm up the brakes and putter around in first. It rides pretty nice but my front suspension neds new seals, it weeped a little too much oil I think. Need to check on that. I also did some systems checks and found out I have 6 gears..........didn’t expect that, but cool! I put the plate on it and everything. Going for a ride after work tomorrow. Not a bad memorial day, I must say.