Our Maytag dryer died this week. Through the magic of the internet, I looked up the F01 error code, and learned it was a bad main electronic control board.

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So, I ordered the board, something like $230, and replaced it. Less than 15 min. once you disconnect the ducting and pull the machine out. We’ve had washers and dryers die over the years, and it’s always the electronics. My parents’ first Maytag set lasted more than 30 years. People say, “they don’t make ‘em like they used to!”, but I think they do. The moving parts that you would think have more opportunity to break with wear still hold up forever. It’s the new computerized stuff that doesn’t last. I bet if my dryer was just a heated drum with a motor hooked up to a mechanical timer, like the old models, it would last until I die.

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