I still need to do a round-up on all the stuff the S-Type needs, but I have a recent victory, so I figured I’d share.

When I bought it the key fob didn’t work. The buttons felt mushy to the point that I suspected there wasn’t actually a circuit board in there and felt the existential dread of knowing I’d need to pay a king’s ransom at the dealer to get a new one.

I popped it open and, surprisingly, everything was in there but... gooey. There was some sort of thick green goo on all three switches. The lock and unlock buttons in particular were so gross (and presumably worn out) that they wouldn’t actuate.


After soaking them in electrical cleaner and replacing the battery, I did manage to get the buttons to actuate enough to confirm the fob worked.

That victory in hand, I got on the internets and ordered a new fob shell and rubber buttons, though I couldn’t find one of any quality so I went with a cheap one until I can find a quality option.

That said, no amount of cleaner was making the lock and unlock buttons work. They were just too gummed up.


After digging around the office for a minute, I confirmed my suspicions: I have those buttons. I used them on a side project a few years back and still had a few around.

See how the top two (lock and unlock) are still in the down position? They aren’t stuck, that is just as far as they’ll return. Loose one is one of my bench stock buttons.

I got the old buttons de-soldered, during which they exuded more green goo...


Cleaned up the pads and put the new buttons on.


After letting the board cool, I reinstalled into the housing (which holds the battery) and....


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