I MENDED SOMETHING! (Project Dumpster Fire)

One of the perpetual annoyances with my Saab since I rescued it from my mechanic is the trunk lock won’t lock. I can turn the key through all the detents and feel the mechanism moving, but regardless of the position of the lock I could easily open the trunk. Well today that is no more!

I finally decided that the only way I was going to be able to adequately troubleshoot this mechanism was to take the trunk lid off. I don’t like removing stuff like that because (A) it is always heavier than it looks and (B) it never fits correctly afterwards.

I was not wrong.

Glossing over that, I got the lid off, but thanks to the lack of a harness disconnect, couldn’t get it in an ideal position. In fact this was the best I could do...


Still, I quickly realized that I was going to have to take the latch out. At this point I put the odds of me getting that back together again at 0%, but luckily it all came out in one piece, only needing to disconnect the power lock actuator and the lever the key operates.

Once out, there wasn’t anything obviously wrong except even outside the car I couldn’t lock the mechanism. No matter what I did, pulling the trunk release lever caused the latch release to operate

Despite having several feet of factory service manual, they were also not helpful. I’m going to guess back in the day if someone was having this problem they’d just buy a new latch...


While looking over the FSM diagrams, I did notice the little arm that the key acts on (though another linkage) didn’t look quite like mine. In fact mine looked a little... bent?


I bent it back.


Everything works now.

Turns out the lever that makes the key like... matter was bent such that no matter what the whole mechanism operated.


I put everything back together and only managed to scratch the hell out of one side of the car, so... you know... bonus. (Good thing the paint is crap anyway.)

So now not only does my trunk lock work, but now my power locks also lock the trunk! I’ve owned this car for sixteen years and didn’t even know until recently that the power locks could lock the trunk, so having that working is a huge boon.



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