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I met my car twin today

Another aspen white pearl 2000 Infiniti I30. First one in the same color as mine that I’ve seen in person. I slowed down just to get a decent look at it. The owner comes out confused at first, thinking it’s her car leaving but quickly realized that wasn’t the case. She’s just putting hers up for sale, asking $2800, a far cry from the $800 I paid for mine, but hers also has heated seats, plus only 117k miles, compared to the nearly 264k on mine. It looks to be in great shape. No way I can buy it but it was cool to chat with a fellow I30 owner in person. Also, I like the rims on hers a little more. Definitely well taken care of. I think the price is a little steep, but I can tell you, these are a LOT of car for the money. They’re a great value on the used market because they run forever and are 9/10ths of a Mercedes or BMW, feature wise, at a fraction of the price. Whoever buys this nice lady’s car will likely be very pleased.


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