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I might be getting ahead of myself.

There’s still quite a bit of winter left, but the roads are nearly clear and temps are almost tolerable for riding so I decided to get the XJ 750 out of the shed and into the garage last night.

Helping my decision is the fact that we’ve gotten a lot of snow this year (there’s probably still 3-4” of packed snow after I cleared the path with the snowblower), the temps are supposed to start warming up into the 30's-40's for the next couple of weeks, and we’re supposed to get both several inches of rain, then snow, then rain again just this week. That’s going to make one sloppy mess of the back yard.


Even though I’ve already got the Warrior in the garage I couldn’t bare to make the XJ miss any of the riding season so I figured it was either now or never. Pushing it through the snow went surprisingly well and with the mirrors off it just finagles through the walk in door. The garage is gonna be a bit tight until the snow clears and I can get the 3 wheelers and snow blower back out to the shed, but at least I can ride!



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