So, yesterday, my partner convinced me to blow off our last job. I didn’t stop him because I’m such a pushover. He reassured me that he would take the blame if we got caught. We got caught. Guess who claimed to have no involvement in that decision whatsoever. He just threw me under the bus. I tried to cover myself by saying that I never spoke to the customer directly and it was all him, and all I knew was that he told me she was going to reschedule. He says he never talked to her at all. So, fuck. Even if I’m honest and explain what happened and hope for sympathy, there’s no changing the fact that I lied to my employer when I said I never spoke with the customer. To make things worse, there’s a company party tomorrow and I’m more than likely not going, simply because I’m scared to be around them now. I’m just really scared. I messed up and i can’t take it back. If i lose my job, I’ll probably lose my apartment and possibly my car. I hate myself right now and I don’t have the slightest idea what to do.