So, are there any Opponauts on here that are polite, Chevrolet owners? For some reason, I have so much dislike towards them. Take this for example:

In work today, a guy pulled up in Corvette ZO6. Like a brand new looking C6 ZO6. His wife was absolutely beautiful and so was his car. The dude looked like he hits the gym constantly. Now, his attitude is where he makes me dislike him.

He acted like the world revolved around him. I tried to be nice, but he made it hard for me to be nice to. This is just one of the times a Chevrolet owner has come through to proving himself to be a hard-to-like guy.

I was also at a car show a few summers ago and it was filled with muscle cars. Out of nowhere, a purple Lotus Elise comes through and I'm gawking at it like I saw my first love. I was with my dad and said, "Hey dad, a Lotus!" Some Impala owner laughed at me and said, "A Lotus? That ain't no real car!"

Also, my brother is a huge GM fan and a total dickwad about it. He disrespects anything Japanese and claims they are fragile cars (my 350,000 mile Honda begs to differ) and anything the Europeans make is over priced garbage. At least he has owned some respectful Chevrolets.


Lastly, I keep meeting Camaro owners who think they are the coolest. They cut off traffic, drive wrecklessly, and cut off their exhausts to make it more "racecar." It bugs me majorly. I like sound, but not 150 decibel plus at 1:00 AM.

Now, hate me if you want, but I cannot like anything Chevrolet after coming across so many disrespectful owners. Sorry. I would love someone to change my mind about it. Like, I feel there is hope somewhere. Unless those people aren't true Chevrolet fans, then I'm pretty sure I haven't met a true fan yet.