As you probably know (given I am very excited about it) my parents bought a Kia Stinger and it is currently on a boat sailing from South Korea to Mexico and is due to arrive on the 8th of January; after which it shall reach our parking bay by the 15th of January. We’re not getting the Grey one anymore, but the black one with red interiors.

What you probably do not know is that my family hasn’t boughten a new car since 2009 when my mom bought herself a 325i that was stolen and totaled by a drunk valet few years ago; everything since then has been used including my current jeep because they never quite found the interest for a new car. Best part is that this car is probably going to be my daily driver as my jeep is the current oldest car of the lot and its to be sold

And I loved everything about it; its not a showoff-y car, it is very quick and while the interior materials lag behind BMW,Audi, and even the Summit Jeeps, it is still a great place to sit in. We also got a massive discount on it because the Mexican market works in mysterious ways, most people would rather have the bragging rights of a 420i or 430i BMW than the v6 stinger.

Which is funny because Mexican media is throwing its best at it, here Kia paid UnoCero (a sucky version of Cnet) to review it, and also there’s autodinamico, which is a dude that reviews cars and is becoming very famous for being able to mix a sort of Gonzo-with-sarcasm review style. I asked him if I could join his channel but I believe he ignored my email (despite actually asking for help)

He stole the big bottle test straight from car buyer but anyway...

Anyway, I feel like I’m reaching unknown fandom levels for a car that:

I don’t own

I don’t daily yet

and, since I’m not 25 yet, wasn’t allowed to drive, I’ll have to take my dad’s word for granted that its a good (if portly) car.


and I will stare at the odometer as it reaches the 600km mark (the end of the break in period) as creepily as some internet people counted the days for Choë Moretz to turn 18 a few years back.