I might could need some help

I have a C5 corvette. The heater box blend doors don’t work. I took it to a dealership and they want 4k to replace heater box. Part of it is labor. Part of it is that they don’t make replacement heater boxes anymore. So GM was going to get some aftermarket thing. I stopped listening after 4k price was dropped.

So now my plan is to get an ebay unit and try and replace it myself. I’ve youtubed the shit out of this subject and don’t see anything on it. No one has ever done it on video.


Anyone know if I am going down a rabbit hole from which there is no return or is it doable at home?

Option 1. Ebay and try it myself.

Option 2. Bite the bullet and pay 4K to replace plastic garbage

Option 3. Find a mechanic who can do it for less.

Considering that I never want to see inside of that dashboard ever again, I am contemplating getting new heater core and... evaporator for ac?

Thoughts? warnings? suggestions?

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