Update: it was a great car, I just can’t justify it

So, ever since we sold the Civic and reverted back to mass transit or rentals when getting out of the city, I’ve felt a hole. I miss not having to take an Uber or hour and a half subway-to-bus trip to LGA to pick up a rental, or spending 3 hours on a cramped Trans-Bridge bus; I miss having a car.

And like every one of us, I spend tireless hours on Craigslist just to see what’s available. I started running insurance costs, and found that MK6 Jetta’s are cheap as hell to insure (I’m talking $100/mo, compared to the $160/mo that I was quoted for a 2004 Accord. What.), fairly reliable and cheap on maintenance (timing chain on the 2.5 5cyl), and are overall decent cars. They’re not the fastest thing, but they have 4 wheels and aren’t a 1999 Elantra.

I found one I like. I really like. It’s a 1 owner car, with 72k miles, SE model with convenience package (bluetooth, sunroof, etc) for $5500 from a private seller in Williamsburg, which is easy as pie for me to get to. The guy wrote me back a normal email like a normal human being - not that “yo just come see it in person” bullshit that half of NYC does - and I’m going to look at it today.

The fact that it’s well priced and 1 owner really really really makes it attractive to me, along with the cheaper insurance.


If you remember, not too long ago, I bought an ‘04 Civic EX Coupe as my first car in a few years. It was in OK shape - the paint was peeling and there were some dents - but it was from a single owner and the freedom was great. I sold it after taking a new job that came with a significant pay cut that gave me anxiety over the extra money a month. The girlfriend and I would be splitting it, so initial purchase price isn’t too stressful, I guess. Now I’m comfortable and feel I can afford this -BUT my real anxiousness is not using it enough to justify it, and I’m trying to save for some other large expense that comes once in a lifetime (if you get my gist).

ANYWAY, I’m going to look at it today in a few hours with a buddy. We’ll see what happens.


Here’s a link to the ad: