I might get an Acura Wagon

This is a 2011 with 50k miles, one owner car and its $16k. I might just trade in my CRV and swap cars, the CRV is worth $5k but this car is an hour and 40 min from me and I am usually very busy so it might be worth it to me to trade in the CRV and pay cash for the rest, maybe I can get them down a hair. I changed the axles in my CRV and there is still a little wobble at 20mph accelerating through, if it wasn’t the axles then maybe the diff mount or something. In any case I don’t want to put more money into it. This Acura is super clean from the report and pics. Carfax one owner certified. The rims look rash free, the pics of the doors are scratch free. I’ll have to put a back seat cover on with the pupper! Oh and tint will have to happen. Well my wife wasn’t against it, she hates the CRV. This will be my DD so more comfortable and quieter inside. I sent them a note with my information and CRV info, they are closed so I might go tomorrow if they are down with it all.


Maybe I could get these wheels

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