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I might have a problem...

A little over two months ago I picked up and E36 M3 to turn into an autocross/track car which meant it was time to sell my R53 Mini Cooper S. The Mini had always been good to me and was a great runaround but three cars for a single 20 something such as myself means a crazy insurance payment each month.

I sold the Mini about 3 weeks ago for a good price and was generally pretty happy. The only issue was that I’m now left with a track car that’s not great for travel and my Cayenne which gets pretty not great mileage.


Naturally, I rectify this by going out and buying another car this past weekend:

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It’s a 1995 BMW 318ti with just over 200k miles. My first ever car was a 1997 318ti which led me to my first forum,, where I found this gem for the paltry sum of $800. It’s got a few nagging little issues but nothing major. Plus the seller was also trying to get rid of all of his extra parts so I ended up with an AWESOME, complete euro checkerboard interior for only $200 more. I’ll have some pics of that up in a little.

Sooooo, I'm back up to three cars but at least my username is accurate again!

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