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I might have fixed a number of issues on the $900 Accord: ranging from 0 to 2

No update to the cost, because I didn’t have to spend any money!

I cleaned the EGR valve, no pictures, the passages looked fine but I scraped them a little any ways. Afterwards I drove it around for a little bit to get everything up to temp, but didn’t take it up to highway speeds because of the condition of the tires. Afterwards pulled into autozone and got the codes pulled and no EGR code! Since I didn’t drive it a whole lot really or get it up to highway speeds I can’t really determine if it’s actually fixed or not, but I’m hoping so.

Also its a F23A1 for those that want to know. Apparently it doesn’t have the little plate of passages on the IM, only one. But I don’t think that the rubber hose going to it is coming off without being cut. Besides the passages near the valve itself looked alright so I don’t think that’s the issue. The valve was pretty bad, but I cleaned that up.


The other thing I did was take the intake off and put JB weld were it broke. I don’t think this first go will seal it, but I’ll go over it again with some more and maybe that’ll solve that issue.

Also to clear the codes I had to pull a fuse, and saw this.


WHAT THE FUCK!? How does this even happen? I can only imagine someone taking a tiny hammer and wacking the fuses. But oh well.

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