Get into the century club today (100 stars) with my comment on the shooting break FP post.

Also let me regale you with the strange story of a guy at my gym.

Dude is a big, midwestern-y looking kinda guy. One might say "Corn-fed". Dude has a pretty nice Cayenne of some sort, it is most likely a GTS but not a turbo (I haven't seen the badging as we both go into the gym at around 0458). And in the wake of the recent ice storm we have had and continue to recover from, dude is DD'ing his 911. This morning, as we both walk into the gym I said, "Yeah, there is still some ice on the roads, I think I will take the 911. Because racecar and no fucks given." Dude laughed his ass off and so I added, "Someday I am going to be on that level, where I can say fuck it and DD a 911 in winter weather. " Dude laughed. Cool story right.

Here's a fugly ass Cayenne.