A bit more than a week ago, we had our final event of the supersprint (if you’ve not yet read my previous entries: supersprint = more awesome form of SCAA autox) season, with me having a chance to sneak in and steal second place in the championship.

Full oppo!

As you can see, the weather was quite wintry (on a side note, all of this has now melted, which is REALLY fun. If, that is, you hate winter, which I don’t). Having guaranteed at least third place in the championship, I actually had a chance to finish the season in second if only I could beat the person in front of me in the standings. Unluckily for me, he’s typically very fast in conditions like this. I had my work cut out for this one.

Having borrowed my friend’s car yet again (since it went so well last time), I mounted the only set of snow tires that were laying around and went to the event.


With some snow covering the icy track on the first run, my tires apparently had much more grip than those of other RWD class drivers, with me coming out on top by an incredible 15 seconds (on a 5 minute long run), which, in supersprint, might as well have been light years. Unfortunately for me, though, the track was clearing and there would be more ice in the second and third run. Oh, one more thing - this was a very technical track quite a few tight corners, so handbrake really came in handy for everyone but me, as the one in my car didn’t work. Unfortunate.


Understeer in full effect

Despite running a bit wide in a few places, I still managed to get second place in my second run, guaranteeing at least second place in this event, and, more importantly, securing second place in the championship!


That was a huge relief, meaning that it would not come down to the last run, I could just cruise to the fini..
Oh, wait, the owner of the car then sent me a message saying that he’d like me to go for a win instead of prematurely celebrating some nonsense overall result. Being a good friend, I gave it my best shot:

And won! Sorry for the Bieber hair, I’ve been to lazy to go to the barber


Second place in the third run was enough to secure a victory, which was a great bonus after securing second place in the championship standings.

And, by the way, you can tell that Latvia really is one of the tallest nations on the planet, as I am 6ft tall and was still somehow the shortest guy on the podium.


Anyhow, that concludes my national championship season, hopefully it was an interesting read.

I do have some plans in the works for next year, not sure whether I’ll be able to go for a championship title here in supersprint, but will definitely do at least a few rallies, and will do a full season in a completely new racing series, about which I’ll likely be able to tell sometime in December, once everything is finalized.