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Pic for attention. Can’t afford a Raptor, lol. Unless a used previous gen. Hmmmmm......


My mind is so indecisive. Two weeks ago I was contemplating what German performance sedan I wanted as my next dd. Then I spent a week in a King Ranch EcoBoost F150. And now I really want a truck.

I work in IT, so it’s not like I really need a truck for day-to-day life. But we do haul furniture around from time to time and make a lot of trips to Lowe’s what with having a “fixer-upper” house and all. Plus, there’s all the family land that we go to ever few weekends that has no paved roads (or really any roads for that matter). My dad’s truck (the above mentioned F150) works decently out there, but he has gotten it stuck multiple times because he opted for 2wd for towing stuff vs 4wd. I don’t need to tow anything, so I’m really itching to get a 4x4 of some sort. I’ve had this itch for a long time now, but I keep suppressing it with thoughts of cool cars I could get for the same money. But now it’s back, full power.

I really liked driving the EcoBoost, but I’ve heard Ford quality hasn’t been the best lately. My dad’s truck has had a similar transmission issue to the one I have with my Fusion, and I’m trying to get away from that.

The Silverado Z71 is one of my top contenders as I have always had a love for them since high school. I’ve driven a Tahoe before, so I know the basic feel of it. But not sure where GM reliability stacks up against Ford right now.


The Ram Rebel looks pretty cool. But, it’s a Chrysler, and you all know the stereotype there. Is is still true these days?

Also on the Chrysler side, the Durango R/T AWD really looks good.

The Tundra is too expensive, so it’s not an option.

Lastley is the Nissan Titan. I don’t feel too strongly one way or the other about the looks of it. But it’s a solid truck from what I’ve heard. And with where Nissan is right now, they seem to be throwing out whatever deals they can to move units. I’ve had a Nissan before and never had an issue with it, so they’re good in my book. The local dealership is actually offering a $296/month lease right now on a 2019 Titan 4x4 Midnight Edition, and that sounds like a helluva deal to me.


So, truck owners, what have I overlooked? What are you personal experiences?

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