I mis-read a question and immediately knew the answer.

The post was asking which car resembles the Miata’s lovely character but with four doors. (The original poster is 100% correct with his suggestion of the older M5 btw.)


Just looking at the headline I figured it was going to somehow be a question about which four seat car has the most useless back seats. (Don’t know where that came from but it’s what I jumped to.)

Well, this answer I know. I pulled the back seats out of my 911 for weight reasons, and in doing so had to attempt to get back there. Not sit comfortably. Just access it long enough to pull it all out. I took no pics of it but found this online:

Illustration for article titled I mis-read a question and immediately knew the answer.

To my knowledge it’s got four seats for insurance reasons that I do not understand. However I can confirm that children can’t even use those seats so forget the carpool lane on your commute as well.


What else is out there that’s worse?

There’s always worse.


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