This ad is a spitting image of my very first car. A red ST141 Toyota Corona.

I’d bought it for $500 from a family friend and enjoyed it for about 3 years or so... that is 3 years of heavy, long-distance, hot, teenage-lead-footed Australian summer driving with no A/C.

I used to leave it with all the windows down only to find the local nest of huntstman spiders had taken residence in my vents... which, not my photo look something like this sheila:

It ended up going through more oil than fuel, so I sold it for $500 about 3 years later to a different family friend.... and thought it was a good deal at the time. (I bought a ‘92 Ford Corsair which is a story unto itself)

Now they go for $2500aud because they’re ‘drift’ cars. Somewhere in the vicinity of 100hp... but light enough and rwd with a gearbox that never gives up.

The good news is the car is still going some 10 years later than when I owned it. Last time I checked in on it it was well over 450,000km’s. The guy I sold it to rebuilt the 2S-C motor for something like $200 worth of parts.. and it just keeps. on. going.

I miss it because it only really broke down on me once, and that was when the original timing belt went at ~300,000km’s and cost me about $16 at the time for a new belt and idler to fix.

Also has a reward for reading my drivel, here is Sir Roger Moore selling the turbo coupe version:

My question to you lot, what car do you miss the most?