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I miss Toby

I am sitting in this hotel/casino, missing my dog. Mrs. IM says he has been a mess since I left, and has been super needy. This photo popped up on FB this morning, from when he was just a baby, about 4 months old.

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We have gotten so used to being together all the time that we are both a little lost when we aren’t together.

I had dinner last night with a group that included a key staffer for the Governor on agriculture. Nice guy, who I think genuinely cares about small farmers. But listening him talk about how legislation gets done and why things happen the way they do in Sacramento made me nauseous. The dominant forces appear to be personal ambition, narcissism, and childish ego battles. Science and sound policy goals are way in the background. Never peek at how the sausage gets made. Dogs are higher up the evolutionary ladder than humans. Fight me.

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