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I switched to Plex a few months back but I’ve noticed some things that are really pissing me off, problems I didn’t have with WMC. Sure, Plex has a ton of features, but right now I’m finding that it can’t handle some of the basic stuff, and as of this moment, doesn’t work at all.

With WMC I could easily skip ahead 30 seconds at a time, but on Plex the buffer is a bit more limited and there are annoying delays if you exceed the buffer. And starting a video in WMC was almost instantaneous, whereas there is another annoying delay with Plex before a program starts playing. WMC didn’t have a problem recording my programs on time and getting all of the episodes, whereas in Plex I’m finding that it sometimes records just one of two showings even if they air in succession over the air. Sometimes it won’t record a program even if it is set to do so, but if I delete the pass and recreate it, it works fine. WTF? There are other annoying things that I found that WMC just did better, like getting the date and order of the programs in a logical order. There are also split seconds of dropouts on Plex that I didn’t have with WMC, this despite running Plex on a much more powerful computer.


Today I came home from running errands and saw that a bunch of stuff wasn’t recorded. Not only that, but when I went to watch a program it would start in the middle, and in an episode I had already watched. Again, WTF? I saw that there was a server update available and installed it, but now I can’t even reach the server EVEN WHEN I’M SITTING AT THE CONSOLE OF THE COMPUTER IT’S RUNNING ON! How can I not reach or localhost? Even when I use the IP address of the computer itself I still can’t connect to it. WTF? Reinstalling it multiple times, the solution I found online, didn’t do a damn thing. I just want to watch some frigging TV. Not only do I miss WMC, I’m starting to miss TiVo, which turned to crap after Rovio/Macrovision took them over and lessened the quality of the product.

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