...bed. See, a major flaw in the Step2 C7 Z06 bed is it’s 200lb weight capacity. How is a grown 300lb man supposed to sleep in a racecar bed with a 200lb weight limit?!

Of course I’m joking, but I’m also 100% not joking. We’re trying to get my (almost) 3 year old to sleep on his own in his own bed...he’s been sharing a bed with me and my wife his whole life, but with my second son being born last week, the eldest needs to finally be in his own room.

The problem is he’s really used to sleeping with at least one of us, so the last week or so he and I have been sleeping in his old room on the mattress for this bed. I finally got the bed set up yesterday, but I can’t lay in the bed with him because 200lb weight limit...meaning last night we slept on the mattress on the ground next to the bed.


This is the stock setup, there are two particle board pieces that cover the holes and the matress sits on top. You can kinda see what I did on the right, I got a piece of 15/32 plywood and made eight 2x4 feet to go in the holes and take the weight off the bed. I didn’t need eight feet, it’s massive overkill...a horse could sleep in this damn bed now.


Done and done. I laid in the bed, it’s solid as a rock...the 2x4s take the weight, but it’s still sitting on the edges of the bed so there’s no movement. Now I can lay in the bed with my son until he falls asleep, then sleep sitting up in my chair for two hour stints between diaper changes for the new guy. Good times!