I would post pics but I don’t want to look at it long enough to take them.....This weekend we had friends staying at our place, and i was working on building some new speakers in the garage so I had the STi parked under my deck. One of our friends put is pint glass (full of homebrew) on the railing of the deck right over my car then procceded to swing his arms and knock it right off on to the roof of the STi. Wasting a full beer, breaking a pint glass i liked and worst of all leaving a sharp dent in my roof right before the windshield....if it would have only hit the glass.

As I was coming to terms with this, I noticed this morning my trash can was knocked over and next to my car. Turns out last night a Bear tried to get into our trash and decided to toss the wild life resistant trash cart right into my driver side door and fender.

SO option 1 call insurance get both fixed....and get the front bumper resprayed to cover all the rock chips.


option 2 fuck it call it a rally car put more dents in it and start entering it in RallyX, Sliver State Classic and maybe a Virginia City Hill Climb?

Some of option 2 could be done with a niceish car too....

I was all about option two until i saw a post here yesterday, with a 07 STi with crazy high miles going for $17k+....mine still at 88k miles and hasn’t been to the body shop yet.

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