I must admit I am in love with big brakes; if a brake rotor doesn’t fill up every millimeter available I feel like a wheel is missing something...

I know that for REASONS some brake systems don’t necesarily need all that space, for instance, the Porsche 718 and its weird rear wheels with such small rotors that are so small you can see the track across the wheel!


A big rim with a small rotor makes me think of a beautiful dress designed for someone with Scarlet Johansson’s body type being worn by someone with Kiera Knightly’s... there’s so much empty space!

Or perhaps an insecure teenager buying shoes 3 sizes larger because he believes the stereotype about size...

in short, it feels like there’s so much space to work... space for activities like converting kinetic energy into heat using friction between two surfaces...


Space to have just huge ass brakes!

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