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I shouldn’t do anything important on Mondays.

I started off Monday by having a box of salad explode in my backpack. My purse, phone, hairbrush, keys...EVERYTHING was covered in hardboiled egg, italian dressing, and other salad parts.


Thinking the worst of my bad luck was over, I decided to install the new wheel I got for the Elite. It’s beautiful. It has two new bearings, a new axle, brake, recent’s all just in fantastic condition. But surprise, the PO decided not to bead the new tyre. *Sigh* So I’ll have to find a shop to get it beaded.

Feeling defeated, I decided to take the scooter on another top speed run. It all went well...right up until I got pulled over.


I mean, we were warned in the MSF class that not putting down your foot at a stop sign technically counts as running it, but I never thought the police would actually enforce such an absurd thing unless nabbing you for something else. Well, they did. I stopped at a stop sign, balanced for a few seconds, then set off. A minute later I see the blues and reds racing up behind me. Whoops. Got let off with a warning...but still. I’m genuinely surprised this is an actual thing people get stopped for.

The funny part was when he looked at my offroad wiring harness he was like “ this thing even legal?”


Heh, the vehicle code doesn’t say that I can’t have a scooter that looks straight out of Mad Max!

Defeating me further, I learned the radiator fan on the Elite doesn’t kick on. The scooter doesn’t overheat, but it definitely gets flirty with the red line at slow speeds after running it hard. It appears my thermo switch is shot, but there’s no way I can get another in time. Instead I’m getting myself a chunky ducted fan and wiring it into the offroad light harness. If I can get to the factory fan I’ll wire it up too.


To rub salt in my wound, I got stopped literally 30 minutes later while driving my smart. Officer in the same town took issue with my slightly too blue side marker bulbs on my car. Guess I’m going to cross my “t”s and dot my “i”s because it appears cops in my town must be a bit thirsty right now. I can’t even begin to describe how I felt seeing myself pulled over in literally less than an hour after the last time.

I finished the night by drowning myself in Little Caesar’s.

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